IoT Socket  Version 1.3.0
Simple IP Socket (BSD like)

The IoT Socket pack provides a simple IP Socket API (BSD like) that implements the glue logic between IoT cloud connectors (IoT clients) and the underlying communication stack as shown on the picture below.

The IoT Socket implementation is maintained in a public GitHub repository. Its releases in CMSIS Pack format are available on CMSIS Packs page under MDK-Packs category and can be used in environments supporting the CMSIS-Pack concept.

Section Using IoT Socket describes how to integrate the IoT Socket components in a project and section Reference provides detailed documentation of available APIs.

Supported network stacks

IoT Socket implementation variants are available for the following network stacks:

With the IoT Socket Multiplexer functionality it is possible to retarget communication to a different socket interface at run-time (for example from a wireless to wired connection).

Supported IoT clients

Typically, a user application does not call IoT Socket APIs directly, and relies on the IoT client interface that manages connectivity to the target service in the cloud.

An IoT client may already use IP sockets for communication and so can be easily ported to IoT Socket API. For cases when secure SSL/TLS sockets are required mbed TLS can be used. CMSIS-mbedTLS extends the mbedTLS library to use the IoT Socket API for network communication and so enables support for various IoT clients.

Following IoT client implementations work on top of the IoT Socket API either directly or via CMSIS-mbedTLS:

Keil Application Note 312 explains operation of these IoT clients.

Examples references example projects that implement wired and wireless connectivity to popular cloud services using extended IoT clients over IoT Socket interface. Figure below demonstrates the concept.


IoT Socket is provided under Apache 2.0 license.